A Traveler?

Do you know what “a traveler” is? In the babywearing community, a traveler is a wrap that is sent to you, for a specified time, for you to use and try it out.

What is the purpose of a traveler?

For some, they may have purchased a new wrap yet their baby hasn’t arrived yet. What better way to “break in” a wrap so it’s nice and soft, than to send it traveling!

For brands/companies, maybe they are releasing a new kind of wrap that they’d like to create a buzz about…or want to parents to try their brand of carriers/wraps, then sending several travelers out allows people to touch and feel something they otherwise wouldn’t.

Why do I need a traveler?

Its kind of like driving new rental car, or a loaner car, and not having to buy it. We all like NEW things but we can’t always afford them. With a traveling wrap, you can try out different fabrics, different lengths, and different brands!

Guess who “traveled” to our home this week?

Emmeline Textiles “Meadowsweet Dots” came to visit us!

I know, I know. It’s a review, and I’m suppose to say great things about what I’m reviewing. However, if you know me, you’d know I’m the most blunt, straightforward person. EVER.

And although I’m the first to tell you that carriers are like shoes or jeans, and everyone has their favorites, here’s what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Meadowsweet Dots.


It’s soft. ERMAGAWD it’s soft!! It’s 100% Pima Cotton and it’s like having a baby sit in marshmallows!

It’s “a natty,” meaning, it’s a neutral color — it goes with everything!

It’s “ace-bandagey.” Is that even a word? If it’s not, it is now. You know how an ace bandage wraps? Spongey, a little stretchy but still supportive? That’s Meadowsweet Dots.

Don’t Love:

It’s smooth. Although that’s not a reason that I don’t love it. It may be for those who like a wrap that is grippy…the kind that you can tie with a half knot, and it doesn’t slip at all.

Multiple passes needed. Because it’s soft and has bounce to it, I would recommend using a carry with more than one pass, for a heavier toddler. I put my 31 lb toddler in this, too, and a reinforced ruck with a candy cane chest belt was needed…versus the simple ruck for the baby.

It’s “a natty.” Ha ha ha! Hey, for some who want a beater wrap that can be dragged on the ground and used when outdoors, you may cringe at the thought of dirt showing up on this.

It truly is difficult to find something that I didn’t like about this wrap. The only difficult thing, will be for me to find this on the Swap, so I can be an owner of it…and not have it as a loaner.