Though She Be But Little…

For 8.5 years, she was my “only child.” Oddly enough, she’s always fit the stereotype (as much as I hate that concept of that) of THE OLDEST CHILD.

Shes beautiful. She’s smart…like ridiculously intelligent. She’s mature beyond her years. She’s witty. She’s intrinsically motivated. She’s competitive. She’s quiet and surprisingly, she’s an introvert. I find it hard to believe, that I’m describing someone, so opposite from me (except we both hate the color pink); but she’s MY CHILD ❤️

It’s no surprise here, that we attended another one of her ‘Straight A’ Honor Roll Ceremonies.

However, look closely at what my “middle schooler, who isn’t into fashion or trend-setting,” is wearing in this photo…

Yep. A kinda frumpy, size LARGE, Men’s T-Shirt.

After her Middle School decided last week, that they were changing the Dress Code rules to: If a girl wears leggings, her shirt must be as long as her fingertips.

This little future, activist of mine, decided that her and her friends would come to school wearing an oversized T-shirt “as long as their fingertips,” showing how ridiculous it looks!

As subtle as this stance may be, I’m proud of her!

Sugarbritches Nappies Extreme All-In-One Heavy Wetter Diapering

Sugarbritches Nappies is a WAHM (work at home mom) brand, that takes pride in sewing 100% organic cloth diapers, here in the USA. I learned about the brand through a cloth diapering Facebook group, that I’m part of. I began browsing their Etsy store and was blown away by the craftsmanship of their diapers AND trainers!

I had the opportunity to try out their Organic Extreme Heavy-Wetter AIO Diaper.


Yes, organic is nice and lovely for baby and the environment…

But do you know the best part about organic materials in cloth diapers?! IT’S ABSORBENT!!! And this diaper didn’t disappoint.

Since these are WAHM-made, there are always TONS of cute print options for your little ones. Nothing plain about these!

With AIOs, the inner portion of the diaper is sewn in and/or attached. There is a sewn in absorbent layer in the diaper, along with 2 sewn-in flaps — for a total of 8 layers of soft, organic fleece absorbency!! I love that one the flaps are slightly longer than the other, so I can fold it just a little bit in the front, for more absorbency with a boy! These diapers are also customizable and you can choose a “stay dry” layer made from athletic wicking jersey, or have the organic material on top against baby’s skin.


This one size diaper will fit babies from 12-38 lbs., approximately. I love the generous fit, with the cut of the diaper being just a little slimmer that most! My 9 month old (almost 18lbs) uses this diaper with the first rise setting open, but the smallest waist setting. That means we can use it through potty training, easily.


Now, I know, $30 per diaper is a lot for many families. However, keep in mind that when you purchase a WAHM diaper, you’re supporting a Mom and her family. You’re also paying for the time and effort she put in, to cut, sew and insert the snaps for the individual diapers.

That said, getting a handful of these diapers would be doable!


Thankfully, this diaper comes prepped! No need to wash a million times, though I’m sure the more I do, the more absorbent it becomes. I suspect that was the issue I had when I first tried it out, along with a wicking issue. After the first run, this diaper easily lasted us 3+ hours, which is perfect when we’re on the run outside of the home.


Hands down, these adorable Sugarbritches Nappies are the perfect addition to our stash, which we THOUGHT was complete. Who can resist these well-made diapers? Check out her Etsy shop, and the constantly-added new prints!! If you need more customization, don’t be afraid to send her a message!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company, in any way.