9 Kids, Every Year.

9 Kids.

Every year, in MY zip code in South Florida, 9 kids are removed from their homes and families!*

Now.  When I moved here a little over a year ago, it was by God’s grace that we found this beautiful home and were able to afford it. Let me give you a few facts about where I live:


  • My City’s Median Income: $71,000+ (compared to the US’ $65,000+)
  • Unemployment Rate: 4.4% (compared to the US’s 5.2%)
  • Crime Rate: 16 (On a scale from 1 – 100, the US’s average is 31)
  • Education: 35% of Citizens hold 4-year degrees (29% of the US does)
  • Median Value of a Home: $313,000


I know those are just numbers, but it gives you a glimpse into my neighborhood. Like many, when we looked to buy a home, our first concern was LOCATION and SCHOOLS. My kids go to public school, and I want my home to be an investment.  Whether you agree with the public school ratings or not, living in a zone with A-rated schools, almost guarantees that your home’s value will increase over time.  It ALSO means that the cost of homes would be almost out of reach for us.

Stay with me here.

Its easy to look at our neighbors, our kid’s friends at school, the people we shop in grocery stores with, and those whom we attend church with…and think, “Wow, 9 kids will be taken from their homes before 2018 is over.”

Not to mention, less than 30 minutes from where I live, two neighboring zip codes have the highest rates of removal with over 100+ kids being removed each year.

Where will they go?? According to 4Kids — a non-profit child welfare agency, they will be placed in shelters, group homes, foster care families, and independent living homes.  They started the #CloseToHome4Kids social media Campaign, to bring light to this crisis.  Will you make a donation today?  Are you will to take the next step to fostering a child?

We did.  We are foster parents, and we’ll never regret the impact it’s made in our lives!

*According to 4Kids website.